Stop Motion Animator/ Musician



Hi, my name is Sigmund Washington. I am a stop motion animator and musician based in Brooklyn, NY. I started out making music at a young age playing the saxophone, but I also had a secret passion for stop motion animation that went ignored for years. As a musician, I earned my degree in Jazz and Contemporary music from an arts university in Philadelphia. While in Philly I performed in a variety of diverse musical settings from jazz and hip-hop, to backing vocalists and dancers and film scoring. In 2015 my first solo album was released on Paxico Records, All My Mistakes Recorded. Since that release, I have self-released my own records as well as contributed to collaboration projects with Paxico.

As an animator, my work lives in nostalgia and whimsy. I pull a lot of influence from pop culture and contemporary visual artists (such as Kaws and Takashi Murakami). My love for music and stop motion get to interact when Iā€™m animating and directing music videos. Check my work page and you can see full versions or clips. I pride myself on details and storytelling that brings the viewer, for a short time, into this world.

If you would like to work with me, please feel free to reach and we can discuss your project.